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Tru-Fire Switchblade Non-Barb Speed Tip 3pk Broadheads

Tru-Fire Switchblade Non-Barb Speed Tip 3pk Broadheads

Tru-Fire Switchblade Non-Barb Speed Tip 3pk Broadheads:

  • The Switchblade does not use any O-rings or rubber bands and yet it has rear deployable blades
  • Rear deployable blades means less kinetic energy is used to open the blades verses conventional "flip back" mechanical designs
  • The Switchblade will open on impact and stay open throughout the target
  • When the tip of the Switchblade makes contact with the target, the blades open up simultaneously
  • Because the blades are rear deployed, angled shots are no problem for the Switchblade
  • When the blades are in the open condition, they are locked in place
  • To close the blades, simply pull the tip and all 3 blades close down (without your fingers ever touching a blade)
  • No more having to worry about O-rings or rubber bands dry rotting and not holding your blades properly or even prematurely releasing 1 blade during flight which will cause massive erratic arrow flight
  • The Switchblade is truly mechanical
  • Blades are 440 stainless and .032" thick
  • Overall cutting diameter is 1-3/8" and the in-flight diameter is less than 5/8"
  • Another great feature of the Switchblade is in every pack all 3 heads will be hand weighed to make certain that they will be within 1 grain of each other for a matched set
  • The Switchblade has the same amount of cutting surface on all 3 blades as other 2 blade mechanicals that have a 2" cutting diameter
  • Because the Switchblade is a 3 blade, you have 1 additional blade to cut increasing your odds of contacting the vitals verses a 2 bladed head
  • The Switchblade will also have practice heads available that have the same external features of the live heads
  • Giving the practice head the same configuration as the live head you rest assured the 2 will fly identical
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