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Axion Archery Pulse Arrow Rest AAA-3000B

Axion Archery Pulse Arrow Rest AAA-3000B

The revolutionary Axion Pulse automatic arrow rest guides arrows longer and retracts faster. The rest then resets itself to the up-right, ready position automatically.Unlike other conventional drop-away rests, the triggering cable on the Pulse rest attaches to the lower half of the bowstring or cable. This means the launcher stays up, cradling the arrow longer to provide the ultimate amount of guidance during release. The power retract mechanism engages and then pulls the launcher away ultra-fast, up to 5 times faster than previous spring loaded rests, providing maximum fletching clearance, and a straighter, more accurate arrow flight. At the end of the shot cycle the internal rotary damper continues to apply pressure on the launcher, holding it down on the bow shelf until the arrow passes completely, for total clearance. The launcher then returns to the ready position automatically.

Features of Axion Archery Pulse Arrow Rest:

  • Easy set-up and tuning
  • No thumb wheel needed to set the rest
  • Archery's first fully automatic rest
  • Full arrow containment even in a let-down situation
  • Proven and tested on bows over 400 fps
  • Weighs 3 ounces
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