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Alpine Power Loc 4 Arrow Quiver

Alpine Power Loc 4 Arrow Quiver

4 Arrow Quiver sports the best features of the legendary Soft Loc Quiver with the addition of some great new designs and improvements. Alpine continues to use a variation of the very effective rubber mount that isolates noise and vibration between the quiver guide rails and your bow. 
In fact, when the quiver is removed from the mount, all of the latching system comes off from the bow and stays with the quiver so there is no chance of unwanted noise and vibration from the quiver mount while the quiver is off the bow. The new Power Loc™ has an innovative roll and lock latch to prevent accidental 
dis-mounting of the quiver while in heavy brush, dirt bike riding, or on horse back. As the latch is rolled into position it applies pressure to the rubber guide rail module as the stainless steel latch pin locks into an indent in the 6061 aluminum mounting base. Safe, secure, and vibration free.

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